Exciting Announcement: I Just Filmed Two New Jewelry Instruction Videos!

I love spreading good news. And boy, do I have some good news! 

Late last evening I returned home to Pennsylvania after flying out to Colorado to film
 two brand new jewelry instruction videos at the film studios at F+W Media, Inc., my 
fabulous publisher! It was a whirlwind three days! Yup, I flew about 3,166.4 miles to
 film two videos, just for you!  I traveled on a Monday, filmed two videos on Tuesday, and
 traveled home Wednesday. Four flights across the United States, four different airports, 
 three days later, and it's all done! 

Colorado is a beautiful place, and the landscape is quite different from what I am used 
to in Pennsylvania, so it was a new experience for me in many different ways. This was
 also my first time on camera...I wasn't very nervous, it was more like I didn't know exactly what to expect, exactly what it would be like. Kind of like when you're going to have a baby.
 You can read and prepare all you want, but until it actually happens, you don't know exactly
how it's going to be until you experience it for real, right as it's happening!

Live on the set!

I will write more about the videos in a future blog post, but I will tell you now that the first 
video teaches you how to make an awesome broken china jewelry necklace, and the second 
video teaches you my new technique for combining wire with soft solder to create a beautiful
 and amazing jewelry effect! If you love to make jewelry, or always wanted to learn how to 
make soldered jewelry using a soldering iron, you will love these videos! (the video release
 date is early December, by the way!) 

Lights, cameras, jewelry making!

Well it's past my bedtime and I need to get some much needed sleep so that I can get my two
girls up for school tomorrow, but I just had to share the good news with you. 

Enjoy your day! ~ Laura

Beautiful Bohemian Beaded Curtains

I love the unique bohemian style of beaded curtains. I love the colors, I love the different
shapes and sized of beads used in the curtains, and I love the sounds they make when the
beaded strands move and touch each other. Take a look and be inspired...

Add a beaded curtain. You can make one yourself with some thin wire and inexpensive beads from the craft store.: Add a beaded curtain. You can make one yourself with some thin wire and inexpensive beads from the craft store.
You can make one yourself with some thin wire and inexpensive beads from the craft store.

A great way to add color to your window

Long bead strands serve as a visual division between rooms

beads and chains for a curtain: beads and chains for a curtain

Upcycled magazines, cut into strips and rolled around paper clips and then linked together
Photo by Tzejen, via Elizabeth Abernathy

What do you think?

DIY Painted Leaves Tutorial

I published this blog post so late in the season last fall, that I wanted to share it again 
so that everyone has a chance to start collecting those leaves while they're falling! I think 
that you get the best painted leaf results when you press your leaves for at least a few weeks 
before painting them, if not longer. This gives the leaves time to press completely flat, 
and gives the moisture a chance to escape, so look for freshly fallen leaves and press those.
Here is the original post:

After painting acorns a few weeks ago, we were ready to move on to painting leaves! 
This is a simple project that has beautiful results, is a lot of fun, and everyone in the family can participate. I think the variety of shapes of leaves combined with the different paint 
colors is what was so appealing to me about this project. Check it out and let me know what
you think!

First we collected fallen leaves that were mostly brown, but not too dried out. Our leaves

were still a bit pliable but not crumbly. After we collected a nice variety of leaves, I 
placed them between a stack of heavy books for over a week to completely flatten them out. 
The longer you leave them between the books, the better your end result. I recommend 
leaving them between books for at least a week. I flattened a few for three days, and later 
found that after we painted those that they curled up a bit once the paint dried. If your 
leaves are still green, you will want to press them in between sheets of newspaper in between
the books. This will help absorb some of the moisture from the leaves as they dry out. 

Next we gathered our supplies: a variety of acrylic paints (I used whatever I already had at 
home), some newspaper to protect our table top, a few plates to serve as palettes, a variety 
of craft paint brushes, a cup of water to clean our brushes with, some wax paper to place
our leaves on while they dried, and a few paper towels.

 We used a variety of acrylic craft paints

A few fine-tipped brushes were great for painting thin lines and detailed designs

 I started with this leaf. Nice and dry and flat and ready to paint!

I began by painting a thin line just inside the edge of the leaf. I loved the way this 
metallic gold craft paint contrasted with the rust and brown colored leaf. 

Simple lines and dots

I love the vibrant autumn colors

Beautiful end result

I loved seeing everyone's unique, individual style come out when they painted their leaves

fancy leaf by duane 

I think our leaves would look fantastic framed behind glass in a picture frame and hung 
on a wall...

What do you think?
Which is your favorite?