Upcycled: Awesome Kitchen Islands Made From Old Dressers

Don't know what to do with that old dresser that you no longer need in the bedroom?
How about repurposing that old salvaged dresser and turning it into a unique, one 
of a kind new kitchen island? Check out the examples below for what you can 
do with a little bit of paint and some creative thinking and maybe you'll be
 inspired to upcycle your own old dresser into a fantastic new 
kitchen island! Read on for more tips and ideas!

Here are a few ideas for how to turn your old dresser into a new kitchen island:

  • Don't be afraid to use color! Sometimes a bright or bold pop of color is exactly what a kitchen needs.

  • Replace old drawer pulls with new hardware, possibly some that matches your cabinet hardware.

  • Think about using the sides as creative storage spaces: add hooks for potholders or utensils, or a towel rack to hang kitchen towels. Large magnets are also great for holding utensils.

  • Add casters to the legs so that you can  move it around easily.

  • Remove drawers (and use those elsewhere in your home) to create open storage inside of the dresser - this is great for storing larger pots and pans or cookbooks!

  • Choose a sturdy top for your dresser. If you are going to be doing a lot of food preparation on it, you may want to replace the top with a piece of marble or butcher block wood (check Ikea!).

I love these colors! Dresser turned kitchen island via hgtv

This large dresser painted a sunny yellow brightens up the kitchen! 

Dresser drawers make great kitchen storage! Image from Country Living

Dresser turned kitchen island from Remodelaholic

Kitchen island in bright blue

What do you think?

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Enjoy The Little Things In Life

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Fairy Gardens Made From Broken Flower Pots With DIY

Don't throw away those broken clay pots! Look at what you can create with a broken pot
or two, a few small plants, some potting soil, and a little imagination. Why not turn your 
broken pots and pottery into a beautiful fairy garden? Every garden can use a little magic, so
why not attract a garden fairy or two of your own? :)  You can incorporate all types of 
miniatures into  your fairy garden; think about what natural materials you might use
such as acorns, stones, and twigs to create fairy decor. Doll house miniatures also work
well. Take a look at these creative examples of fairy gardens and be inspired!

Fairy garden by Erdekesseg.hu

Succulent mini garden by Gabriel via Deavita

Another pretty example via Pinterest (unknown source)

Fairy garden from Hometalk.com

Don't have any broken terra cotta flower pots of your own to create a fairy garden?
 Don't break any! Instead, use a regular unbroken pot, or how about some other creative
 container like these pictured below? Small vintage suitcases, tool boxes, and even an
old wash basin tub can become magical fairy gardens with just a little bit of imagination!

This old wash tub makes a charming fairy garden!

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Beautiful Unique Painted Doors - Indoors and Out

I love beautiful, artistically painted doors. 
What better way to show off your creativity and add a unique, personal touch to your 
home than with an entrance that truly says "welcome home".  Indoors or out, a uniquely 
painted door is a fantastic way to add color and  to your home.  Check out what the folks below did with a little paint, style, and creativity!

Rose pained door from The Spanish Dahlia
Mermaid painting on a door in the streets of Funchal on the Portuguese Isle of Maderia
via timetravelturtle

Beautiful yellow-green door 

Chili Valparasio street art by descartes.marco via Flickr

Bird and branch painted door from whimseybox

Handpainted chinoiserie door, see the before & after, from designsponge

Contrasting white pain on purple via lushome

Beautiful rainbow door 

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