Decorating With Unusual & Unique Pumpkins for Autumn and Halloween

It's common to decorate for autumn and Halloween with pumpkins and Jack O' Lanterns, 
but how about doing something a little bit different this year?

Take a look at these unique and creative pumpkin decorations and maybe you'll be
 inspired to try something new too!

Glitter pumpkin by

Broken China Jewelry Charm Bracelets

Take a peek at the heart charm bracelets that I made from broken vintage and 
antique china. Each is listed for sale in my Etsy shop.

I like to adorn each bracelet with a variety of beads and gems. I most often use
pearls and crystals, and I always use solid sterling silver bracelet chains.  These
are very time intensive to create, mostly due the the small size of the heart charms.
Each heart is about 7/8" to 1" in size, and the smaller the size the more difficult to
make! I love putting these together. I find that the process of digging through my 
beads and gems to match up beads with the colors in the china hearts is a fun
process, though it does sometimes take me a while to find just the right coordinating
bead, I guess because I tend to be a perfectionist and I really try to make each one
perfect! Hope you like them. Click the photos to see them in my shop.

Antique porcelain with pink roses

Broken China Jewelry Heart Charm Bracelet Nouveau Roses with Pearls and Gemstones
Antique Art Nouveau rose china

Broken China Jewelry Heart Charm Bracelet sterling with Pearls and crystals made from a broken plate
Antique porcelain china with pink roses

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Solder Alchemy: My Second Jewelry Instruction Book!

I'm THRILLED to announce that my second jewelry instruction book,
Solder Alchemy: 25 Jewelry Projects Using New Soft-Solder Techniques 
will be published by F+W Media, Inc. and will be available May 2015! 

This new book focuses on soft soldering, and inside I share lots of brand new 
ideas, tips, techniques, and designs, complete with beautiful full color photos and
easy to follow step by step instructions. There are projects for all skill levels from
beginner to advanced, so whether you are completely new to soft soldering or are 
ready to take your soft-soldering to the next level with new techniques, ideas,
and inspiration, I think you will find Solder Alchemy to be the perfect companion!

Stay tuned to my blog and Facebook page, where I'll be announcing when 
Solder Alchemy is available for pre-order!

design copyright Laura Beth Love 2014

design copyright Laura Beth Love 2014

I Have An Exciting Announcement To Make...

I haven't had time to blog lately because I have a lot going on over here... much in fact, that it is almost dizzying! 

Since the release of my jewelry book, BoHo Chic Jewelry,  I have been very busy 
trying to carve out time to create new jewelry for my Etsy shop, basically trying to 
play catch-up, but I don't feel like I am making much progress because it always seems 
that by the time I finish up a new piece of jewelry or two (and it is time consuming!), 
photograph it, and list it in my shop, it is sold! Of course that's a good thing though, 
and I am so grateful to all of my wonderful customers who enjoy my work, those of you 
who want it for yourselves to wear, or as gifts for friends or family. I thank you :)
Know that I make every piece just for you. 

That's where I have been, and I promise, very soon, that I will be back to creating
lots of new pretty pieces of china jewelry as well as stirring up some fun new blog
posts in the near future. But!!! I have an exciting announcement to share! :)

The reason I've been so busy is that I recently received my second book deal to write 
another jewelry instruction book - Yay! So I have been very hard at work writing and 
creating new projects to share for the new book! I can't give away too much top
secret information about it just yet, but I will tell you that the projects are so
unique and beautiful, and I am so excited to share these new ideas and techniques! 

Title to be announced soon! Stay tuned! 
...and as always, thank you.

What You Think, You Become.

I'm not certain of the exact origin of this quote, but I think it
speaks the truth...

what do you think?